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21 February 2018

Metapraxis appoints Nicole Anderson as Chair to the Board of Directors

Nicole Anderson bw

Metapraxis, the leading financial analytics business, today announces the appointment of multiple time technology entrepreneur, Nicole Anderson as Chair of the board.Nicole is a venture builder and investment advisor in areas such as corporate venture, venture capital, family office and ICOs.

As well as stepping into the role of Metapraxis Chair, Nicole is also Managing Partner of Redsand Partners and has worked extensively across the fintech investment landscape, supporting investment mandates in corporate venture, impact and angel investing.

As Chair, Nicole will provide guidance to the Metapraxis executive team on its continued strategic growth, enabling the business to capture the financial planning and analytics markets in both Europe and the United States. Nicole brings with her a wealth of experience dealing with innovative technologies in financial services and other industries across multiple markets.

Nicole has won multiple awards for innovation and women in fintech, voted as one of the Top 100 Women in Fintech 2016 by Innovate Finance and featuring in the Power Women of Fintech lists for 2015, 2016 and 2017. As a recognised industry leader, she has featured on numerous panels as an expert and has previously acted as an advisor to Microsoft Ventures London, Level39, StartupBootcamp FinTech and London Tech Advocates. She is also a contributing author to The FinTech Book.

Simon Bittlestone, CEO at Metapraxis, comments:

“Nicole’s passion for technology and business models that disrupt the status quo, coupled with her experience in the fintech arena, make her a great fit for Metapraxis. At Metapraxis, we are continually looking to help our customers achieve greater insight and drive better outcomes through our financial analytics platform. Nicole’s experience will help us innovate further and continue to grow, increasing our market presence and providing greater value to our customers.”

Nicole Anderson, Chair at Metapraxis adds:

“Metapraxis has been ahead of the curve from the beginning, combining the powers of technology with data to provide better insight into financial analysis and planning. There has been a massive shift in finance’s use and approach to technology in recent years, particularly in financial services, which makes the opportunity an exciting one. I look forward to bringing new ways of thinking to the Metapraxis team and enabling its next phase of growth.”

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