A checklist for an effective dashboard


This is a simple 10 point checklist that we give Metapraxis analysts to use when they create an executive dashboard.

  1. Does the design and layout of the dashboard conform to current best practice and quality standards?
  2. Is there an immediate and obvious answer to the ‘so what’ question for every table and chart?
  3. Are we always using the simplest and most easily understood chart to convey the message?
  4. Does our commentary add real insight and meaning to the numbers, rather than simply describing them in words?
  5. Is the insight communicated in a way that can be understood by a manager who is not financially qualified?
  6. If we have been asked to address business-specific questions in our project brief, are we answering them?
  7. If we have not, have we come up with our own questions about the business, as if we were the CEO?
  8. Is the title of each dashboard panel the specific question we are addressing within it?
  9. Are we addressing the real current issues in this business sector?
  10. What is the size of the prize and is it big enough to matter?

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