The breakup of the CPM Suite


IT research and advisory firm Gartner has this week announced the breakup of the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) market into two distinct segments: finance CPM and strategic CPM. Finance CPM (FCPM) focuses on accounting processes including consolidation, close management, disclosure management and financial reporting. Strategic CPM (SCPM) relates to the distinctly different needs in the area of corporate planning and modelling, performance reporting and strategy management.

Metapraxis experience with our clients and prospects suggests that this separation is to be warmly welcomed. The vast majority of organisations are no longer seeking a single solution for all CPM functionality, with many now using specialist vendors such as Metapraxis for their needs in areas such as strategic planning, forecasting, business modelling and the analysis of business performance.

Metapraxis delivers strategic CPM solutions using our Empower software suite, which can be provided on premise or as a hosted service within our private cloud.

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