London FP&A Club: Why Data Visualization Matters


Andrew Mosely, Insight Director at Metapraxis, was invited to present to the London AFP FP&A Club on 2nd October 2014 on the subject ‘Why Data Visualization Matters for FP&A’.

The meeting’s discussion was centered around how visualization enables FP&A professionals to better their businesses through increased consumption of their financial data. The discussion answered key questions including: “What roles does visualization play within the FP&A world?” “How can visualization make us smarter?” and “How does visualization fit within the business performance cycle?”

The AFP FP&A Club provides a forum where FP&A professionals can talk to each other, exchange ideas, share best practices and learn from one another. It provides a means to start shaping the future for the profession, changing it for the best, and making it more value-adding for decision-making processes.

More details on the AFP FP&A Club can be found HERE

The presentation is available for download at HERE

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