As businesses become increasingly global and complex, the role of management accountants is becoming more important than ever. These professionals are responsible for forecasting and predicting future trends, so that their organisations can make sound financial decisions.

However, predicting the future is not an easy task, and it can be difficult to get accurate results without the help of modern technology. By using these technologies, management accountants can create more accurate financial models, which in turn allows them to make better decisions about the future of their company. However, as Simon Bittlestone remarks,

“There’s getting the numbers right, and there’s doing something with them.”

So whilst machines may be able to crunch numbers faster than humans, it's still up to management accountants to make sense of the data and figure out what it means for their business.

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Simon Bittlestone
Chief Executive Officer
Metapraxis CEO since 2012 and serves on the global governing body of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. When out of the office he loves travelling, Twickenham and White Hart Lane!