Is anything right in this graph?


A client sent me an email this morning asking if I could explain this chart that was published in today’s edition of City AM.

Premiership ownership


The doughnut chart appears alongside an article that references the fact that the majority of football teams in the English Premier League are now foreign owned.

Why then is 60% of the doughnut ascribed to British ownership?  The red segment has the value of 1 and the legend labels this as “Russia, Egypt, Thailand. Malaysia, UAE, Switzerland”.  And why do the values plotted in the chart add up to 15, when there are 20 clubs in the Premier League?

This is a classic case of a chart that completely fails to deliver the underlying message, which is that the ownership of Premier League clubs is:

British: 9

USA: 5

Other countries: 6 (1 each with owners from Russia, Egypt, Thailand. Malaysia, UAE, Switzerland)

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