Premium Credit – Case study


PCL case study

“The key contributors to the success of a CFO in a PE-owned company are (a) transparency between the management team and PE/Board and (b) focus on the KPIs to enable the execution of the value creation plan. The Management Dashboard is integral to delivering this at Premium Credit.”

Nayan Kisnadwala, Group Chief Financial Officer, Premium Credit

Board and Executive insight at Premium Credit
Premium Credit Limited (PCL) is the leading premium finance company in the UK and Ireland. Specialising in loans to help policyholders and organisation members spread the cost of insurance premiums and membership fees, the company makes advances in the order of several billion pounds annually. With a complex pricing model and a dynamic market, profitability and competitiveness relies on a firm understanding of business drivers, pricing and costs. Metapraxis created a dashboard offering insight into these relationships, and allowing management to drive performance at all levels of the company.
Case study