Chief Product Officer


Metapraxis is the leading global specialist in visual business planning and analysis.  We are passionate about helping our clients drive performance and achieve data driven success. We have a unique and proven approach – our analytics technology and the brilliant teams we are building in London and New York have made us a leader in strategic planning, financial analysis and data visualisation.

We are looking for a Chief Product Officer to join our Executive team alongside our Customer, Technology, Finance and Operations leaders, based in either London or New York. The role, which will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer, will be responsible for the Empower Platform market strategy and functional roadmap, our productisation and architect community initiatives, solution best practice and our marketing activities.

The role:

– Lead our product team, designing the right operating model, recruiting, inspiring and motivating team members and creating a positive working environment.

– Determine the product and platform vision and roadmaps ensuring it is aligned to the overall company vision

– Be the guardian of Metapraxis financial analytics IP ensuring solution best practice across customers and partners

– Oversee the research of customers and competitors to determine the future platform and product direction

– Develop a suite of commercially successful Metapraxis products

– Develop and maintain the Empower Architect Community creating a growing and engaged Architect user base

– Determine the product and platform marketing approach and manage all brand awareness marketing activities

What are we looking for?:

We are looking for an ambitious strategic thinker, with strong leadership and management skills, and have a deep understanding of the analytics technology market, product management and the product development process.

Metapraxis is a unique workplace and promotes a collaborative supportive culture.  Our size enables everyone to make a difference and we strive to ensure everyone has the capacity to learn and grow.


How to apply

To apply please send your details to

We offer a comprehensive package and highly competitive entry-level salary.