Boards and management teams need concise, relevant and insightful information to help them take well-informed strategic decisions. This means that board packs must focus on the drivers of business value, and show the actions needed to influence them.

We tailor our board and management reporting solution to the needs of your business. It can be delivered online as an interactive dashboard, or be published as documents.


“Board discussions are grounded in the facts and decision-making processes are much faster, accelerating the delivery of shareholder value.”

Andrew Allner | NED and Audit Committee Chairman | CSR


  • Identifies the true drivers of value in the business
  • Focuses on data pertaining to the future of the business, not the past
  • Interactive, visual and intuitive user interface
  • Capability to combine and analyse data from diverse sources, very quickly
  • Flexibility to report on performance trends by geography, client, business unit, product and function


  • Facilitates agreement between board and management on what really drives value in the business
  • Offers a clearer understanding of trends in historical and likely future performance
  • Allows significant savings on the time and cost of producing management information and answering ad hoc management questions
  • Provides a sound, accurate basis for dialogue, decisions and performance across the business