Setting realistic budgets and providing accurate forecasts is essential in a well-run business. Uncertain markets, complex business models and fast-changing circumstances mean it can be difficult to have confidence in conventional software and methodologies.

Our proven approach and solutions enable finance teams to use historical data to create accurate budgets and forecasts governed by a robust and auditable framework.

Metapraxis budgeting and forecasting software can also capture commentary and allow real-time review and consolidation. This helps you understand the achievability of your budget, and assess the credibility of forecasts provided by each part of the business.

“We have been able to viably manage our pricing strategy which has had a significant impact on our business.”

Chief Financial Officer for one of the UK’s largest Insurance Premium Finance Companies



  • Actuals, budget and forecast integrated in one solution
  • Robust, auditable planning framework
  • Control and manage data entry, capturing commentary to set context
  • Real-time review and consolidation
  • Transparency of data submissions and status


  • Improves credibility of the budget
  • Provides clarity of where the risk lies in the forecast
  • Reduces time and cost devoted to running the forecasting process
  • Bridges the gap between strategic targets and operational plans
  • Creates better engagement with business functions and operating units
  • Removes manual error and the need to consolidate Excel submissions