Finance and operational leaders need the ability to predict the impact of current decisions upon future performance.

Our solutions combine proven industry business models and advanced statistical techniques to create predictive performance models tailored to the circumstances of your business.

Our scenario modelling allows you to predict the effects of changes to pricing, demand, payment terms and stock levels, amongst many others.

“High quality interactive insight into key areas of risk in a remarkably short time.”

Group Deputy Chief Risk Officer for one of the world’s largest banks


  • Bespoke predictive modelling of specific business decisions
  • Integration with historical and external data
  • Immediate analysis of cause and effect
  • Interactive data visualisations and intuitive user interface


  • Enables deployment of decision support tools across a wide user base
  • Supports faster and better tactical business decisions
  • Facilitates understanding of the key business drivers
  • Leverages your financial and operational data to predict future outcomes