Leadership and finance teams need the ability to model the impact of strategic decisions. Understanding the relationship between operational decisions and financial outcomes is critical.

Our strategic planning software enables you to test different scenarios, varying the factors which influence long term performance. This helps engage the business around the actions required to deliver optimum performance.

Graph of addressable market size on iMac

“We now have all the commercial analysis in one place, which is driving constructive discussions around the board table.”

Nichola Skelton | CFO | ASD Metal Services


  • Integrated mathematical model of your business and its market environment
  • Ability to model scenarios, and the drivers of performance
  • Visual analysis of the effects of different strategic decisions
  • Combines data from multiple internal, external, financial and non-financial sources
  • Enables modelling of business plans by geography, client, business unit, product and function


  • Offers insight into the drivers of long-term performance, and the factors influencing them
  • Allows business leaders to test assumptions by performing in-meeting ‘what if’ analyses
  • Facilitates clear communication to the business, board and investors
  • Increases accountability, transparency and ownership for planning
  • Enables faster, more agile and more effective plan development