Transforming Kantar’s business performance reporting

Delivering real-time global visibility of the business and its performance.
An innovative management reporting solution provides business decision-makers global access to vital information instantly.
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multi-dimensional model of the business

The challenge

Kantar Group is one of the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company.

Covering 90 markets worldwide and offering a diverse range of solutions for clients within multiple industries, Kantar comprises more than 500 business units, many of these with their own individual data warehouses containing finance data. This complexity – various data inputs – meant that it was only possible to provide an accessible, consolidated view of the business with significant manual manipulation of data outside of a controlled environment, adding an additional layer of risk to this challenge.

The Metapraxis Empower application has enabled us to transform our monthly and quarterly reporting cycles. Reports are consistent and efficient across the business and our finance business partners have all the information they need to generate insight and value.
Charles Mason, SVP Finance

The solution

We provided Kantar with a single solution enabling a complete multi-dimensional model of their business, with access to both a worldwide and individual office view of the business and performance.

Kantar now has a fully functioning P&L, available at all levels of the organizational hierarchy, providing the team with insight into client, staff, net working capital, and balance sheet data. Data is refreshed on an hourly basis, sharing the latest information, and providing an up-to-date, true, and accurate picture of business performance.

Using the order book analysis functionality, Kantar can interrogate the strength of their future revenues.

Additionally, automated report production and seamless analysis publishing, support internal and external management reviews throughout the year and the integrated commentary collection enables finance teams from across the business to add further context to reports, within the application, on company performance.

It provides a bespoke, in-house view of the business, supported by an incredible team with in-depth knowledge of the finance model and operations.

The impact

Improved business performance: the guided analysis allows users to find potential sources of financial underperformance quickly, and then connect these to key operational factors to improve working capital management, cost efficiency, and margin.  

More efficient finance team: the automated data integration, commentary, analysis, and report production, allows the finance team to focus on providing insight to decision-makers, as opposed to “turn the handle” finance activities.

Improved cross-company collaboration: the solution ensures that Kantar's management team have one consistent set of analysis, immediately available, improving cross-company dialogue. The commentary functionality reduces the need for offline/emailed discussions and retains information for future reviews.

About Kantar

Kantar is the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company. They have a complete, unique and rounded understanding of how people think, feel and act; globally and locally in over 90 markets.

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