Product Overview

Our technology is designed specifically for financial and strategic analysis, and brings together a unique combination of features:

  • In-built business driver model
  • Analysis in context
  • Rapid scenario modelling
  • Accurate predictions
  • Action-led analysis
  • Speed to value

Our software brings together the most relevant information from internal systems and external data sources, identifying the true drivers of performance in your business. We present predictive information through scientifically-proven, interactive data visualisations. This allows our clients to make decisions more confidently, based on clear, accurate information.


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“The Empower software allows us to combine data from multiple systems and present it in a relevant and visual way which provides insight to our senior management team.”

Tracey Curran | Senior Finance Manager | ASD Metal Services

Empower capabilities

Dashboards and data visualisations

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Data integration

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Data Governance

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Budget and forecasting efficiency

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Strategic planning

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Customer BI portals

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Reporting, collaboration and
self-service analysis

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Data management

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Agile BI

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Deployment Options

We have a full suite of cloud or on-premise deployment options, offering access to analysis on desktop, tablets and mobile.


Users can choose to interact with our solutions in the following ways:

Empower Web allows users access through a zero-footprint HTML5 user interface

Empower Mobile provides tablet users access to dashboards and analyses on the go

Empower Desktop allows users to access dashboards and data offline and facilitates the creation of new analyses locally

On-premise hosting

Clients can opt to deploy on-premise to meet business compliance requirements.

Implementations of Empower within your internal data centres give you full operational control of the solution. We will recommend an Empower technology path based on your specific requirements and help you achieve it.

Cloud service

Clients can select cloud deployment to get up and running quickly without capital investment. Metapraxis private cloud service offers the following features:

  • Dedicated Metapraxis Cloud with ISO27001 certification means clients can be confident their data is secure
  • Service can be scaled dynamically to meet our clients’ requirements and manage peaks in demand
  • Resilient and monitored architecture across two sites provides a robust service
  • Single login for each user for all their cloud services with user access managed centrally