Analysis. Insight. Action.

Metapraxis is a leader in strategic planning, financial analysis and data visualisation.

Our Enterprise Performance Management technology and consulting helps you take decisions with confidence. We commit to delivering solutions with tangible benefits within a defined timescale.

Our technology links the key data in your business, to create a single mathematical model of performance. We make planning, forecasting and reporting faster and more precise.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve a more effective decision-making process.



The Metapraxis approach is unique. We always begin with a clear business goal. We use our Business Performance Cycle methodology to identify what stands in the way of that goal, and what can be done to overcome it. We then identify and measure key drivers of performance, to show which changes in the business could have the greatest positive impact.

Our clients choose us because they understand that better decision-making requires more than just better information. We help them use information more effectively, to design a more effective decision-making process.

Our team is made up of experts in finance, information analysis and data visualisation. We work with existing data sources in your business and use our proprietary models to deliver maximum value rapidly.

We tackle challenges in the following areas:

  • Board & management reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Scenario modelling
  • Budget and forecasting

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Technology and services

Metapraxis software and consulting services empower
our clients to make more effective use of information.
We help them take key decisions faster and be certain of the results.


Our software enables businesses to integrate their most important data into a highly accurate mathematical model.

Key Features

Highly flexible, scientifically proven visualisations

Speed and ease of data integration from many sources

Intelligent business

Multi-dimensional data cube combining actuals, budgets, forecasts and plans

Robust data


We work directly with our clients to ensure our technology can address their needs as effectively as possible.

Key Features

Industry and corporate
financial modelling

Project management and
system integration

Report and dashboard

Finance and

Analysis and data

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Tomorrow’s CFO: Measurement and Commitment

Location: London | Time: TBC | April 2015

Our next Tomorrow’s CFO seminar is in April 2015 and focuses on the measurement and commitment stages of the Business Performance Cycle.

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Our work with Premium Credit has transformed the way in which their account executives price highly complex deals before, during and after meetings with brokers and other intermediaries.

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Line judgements

The aspect ratio we choose for our graph has a significant effect on the perception of the data within it.

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