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We deliver the insight you need to make better, faster decisions at a lower cost.

Business leaders are under increasing pressure to take the right decisions, fast, to deliver sustainable shareholder value. Through our unique combination of methodology, experience and software we work with your team to rapidly design and deliver forward looking management dashboards and reporting for decision makers across your business from the board down.

  • We understand your business and the decisions you face
  • We deliver insight in 2 weeks, which is operational in 2 months, transformational in 6
  • We work on a No Cure, No Fee basis

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“The project has delivered a simple, effective Board pack with much more of a forward focus, especially on key product customer trends.  As a result, Board discussions are grounded in the facts and decision-making processes are much faster, accelerating the delivery of shareholder value”. Andrew Allner, NED and Audit Committee Chairman, CSR

Microsoft Power BI demos a misleading visualization

Readers of this blog will know that I frequently find fault with published infographics, but today it is the turn of Microsoft’s Power BI team to be the subject of my criticism. A colleague alerted me to the online demo:

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