Implementation approach

The Metapraxis Way implementation approach enables fast creation of high quality planning and analysis solutions in Metapraxis Empower technology.


Start by focusing on improving the FP&A activities which can create the greatest business value


Model the drivers of value and the business dimensions, and wireframe the solution


Model the business in Empower, integrate the relevant data, and configure the dashboards and workflow


Automate the data integration and roll out the solution to improve and accelerate the Business Performance Cycle

Metapraxis Practitioners

Services & Support

Our customer success team or our partner organizations can work with you to implement Empower and the Metapraxis Way implementation approach to achieve the right applications for your business.

You will be working with qualified Finance professionals, who understand Finance activities and have deep technology, data and Empower-configuration expertise.

Financial understanding
Data visualization techniques
Analysis and modeling expertise
Software and technology
Industry business models