Agile, efficient, & collaborative planning

Streamline your planning processes, get greater buy-in, and stress-test assumptions, & scenarios to ensure your plans are robust.

Popular capabilities

Intuitive planning experiences

Business leaders have a busy day job, we know that. With our planning apps they have an intuitive, guided, and familiar experience.

Streamline the planning process and reduce the time to decisions

Customize workflows to fit your business processes. Planners can submit for approval and approvers can review, override, send back and more.

Capture the extra info that went into the planned number

With comments, users can add extra info about assumptions and logic used in the plans. Users can collaborate around the plans with threaded discussions and add supplementary info with attachments.

Plan inputs

Users can input changes to the plan and immediately see the impact on the plan and summary results.

Where did this number come from?

With audit and history capabilities, tracking plan inputs back to source is easy.

Automate data movements as items progress through the workflow.

With data actions you can easily move data around within the application or across to other applications.

REPORTING & VISUalizations

Report on the Plan

Immediately see the plan in your customized management report format - with all necessary KPIs, adjustments, rounding, etc. - with variances to actuals and prior plans.

An extensive library of rich visualizations help you better understand the shape and contours of the plan.

plan experiences

Intuitive & efficient experiences

Deliver intuitive and guided planning applications to users.

Streamline planning workflows with threaded discussions and approvals.

Central FP&A teams can track completion and intervene to move things along as per their planning calendar.

Modeling engine

Powered by our powerful modeling engine

Create a simple and intuitive experience for the user. Model complex logic in our modeling engine behind the scenes so users can see the inputs and outputs, as well as easily drill-down and audit to explain how the outputs were derived.

Business modeling