Built for enterprise

Simple, Secure, Scalable

Built without compromise to meet the needs of the world's most demanding organizations.

Simple integration with your existing estate, on-premise or cloud with the trust that your data is secure and in good hands. Scalable provisioning to maximize your ROI.

Popular capabilities

Hybrid deployment

Insight delivered to your door

Deploy on-premise or to your own cloud in AWS, GCP or Microsoft Azure, and access full platform functionality. Connect quickly and easily to your existing data estate using OLEDB, text files, or API.

Lifecycle management

Clear, consistent app versioning

Quickly create and manage multiple versions of your apps. Present them instantly back to your users for point-in-time analysis, or store them offline to support your resilience strategy.


Real-time in-app team working

Post updates and comments against your app data at the cell level with full HTML formatting. Access your apps directly from Excel and PowerPoint to continue the story.


Hassle-free IAM out of the box

Keep your apps secure; integrate directly with your existing IdP via SAML2, or use our dedicated Azure AD integration. Add further protection with optional two-factor authentication powered by Duo Security.


Robust, flexible activity tracking

Capture every action and event in your app, and access the data in a simple, readable format. Build custom audit entries and provide transparency to app users on who changed what and when.

Cell-level security

Keep your critical data safe

Protect your enterprise data at the cell level with highly configurable group-based security. Cascade security settings throughout your dimensions with a single click, or build a custom security framework.


We deliver...



We focus on delivering value, fast. Installs complete in minutes; connectors are all included, and work out of the box; app configuration is no-code and champions re usability, with portable components and intelligent defaults.



Safety first. We believe that when it comes to our customers' data, no shortcuts will do. We follow industry best practice closely, pen test regularly, and continually work to minimize and harden attack surface.



Our platform serves small teams and global groups, single functions and whole enterprises. We scale and provision based on need, to ensure our customers maximise their ROI, whether on their cloud or ours.