Integrate the data you need from across the business, quickly, securely and easily.

Don’t be held hostage to data silos, ensure you have all the data needed to make impactful decisions from all areas of your business. Connect once, and enable automated processes to continue to manage your data to ensure you get the most out of it. Pick and choose the data you need, at the level of granularity needed.

Empower's powerful yet flexible data connectivity provides immediate secure access to all major finance, sales, HR and operational enterprise systems.

Data Transformation

Because reporting never stops

Sometimes you just have to use the data you have available. You might have it in text files or Excel. It might need cleaning up or joining with another dataset.

You need the power to get the data in, get the job done, and meet the deadline. Data can be loaded from multiple sources or from data files. Clean, map, and transform the data with Empower ETL.
Also, leverage our powerful modelling capabilities to clean and adjust the data, and calculate additional data summaries and KPI metrics.

No data is perfect, but the data that you have is far better than any data you think you want!

Nailing the essentials

Direct connectors

Go direct to source

Data connectors to all the most common databases enables you to go direct-to-source to import and update data.

Data mapping synchronization

Keeping you in sync

Automate sync tasks to keep hierarchies and structures up-to-date with your system of record.
Mapping tables help you map data from source to target and help you automate previously manual integration tasks.

Custom integrations & scripting

Upstream process challenges?

We can develop custom, automated integrations for your use cases to get you the data you need, today.

User-triggered data actions

Getting data to the right place at the right time

Automate the movement of data across and between applications, triggered by user actions and events that occur in the user workflow.

Data modelling tranformations

Transform and enrich the data when it lands, not at source

Leveraging the data modeling engine we can add KPIs and calculations you need after the data is loaded. We also support complex transformations by streaming data through a processing engine that performs the data manipulations, removing the need for complex queries and reducing dependency on central IT.


Are you using the world's most popular coding language for data science? We are too.

For Python lovers, we have you covered. Increase your productivity with our PyMPX package for manipulating hierarchies, loading data and automating other admin tasks.


Technology only takes you so far; it’s people that make it happen.

Buying licenses to a finance application, no matter how powerful and easy to use is not enough. You need to guarantee improvements in budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting.


Integrating with modern systems

We recognise most modern systems today offer a REST API to query and interact with the data and objects stored within. We offer a standardised approach for accessing REST API end-points to extract data into our platform and writing results back, enabling you to keep that single source of truth where you need it.