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Back to the Future – Getting back to profitability

At our January 2023 Financial Focus dinner, hosted by our CEO and AICPA Vice-President Simon Bittlestone, attendees will discuss how organizations are approaching managing the consistency/accuracy businesses need to get them back to profitability in these turbulent times.
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White paper

Cyber-crime white paper

Cyber-crime and ransomware attacks are an ever-increasing threat. Business leaders must prioritise defending against and preparing for a cyber-attack or the costs can be catastrophic, but how can businesses best protect themselves and their customers?‍
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Post-Pandemic approach to change

The pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s lives and led to an overnight shift to working from home. How are approaches to the working environment, digital transformation and sustainability going to evolve in the wake of COVID-19?
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Post pandemic long-term impacts

As innovation and growth continue to be vital, it's crucial for leaders to prioritise employee engagement and inclusivity, investment in talent, and accelerate green growth. By meeting these goals business can recontract their relationship with society.
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Robotics and AI impact

Robotics and AI could be having a much bigger impact on our lives and jobs today. Are our businesses failing to apply them effectively through incapability or vested interests? Read the insights from our latest Financial Focus discussion.
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ESG Impact

‘Is a greater focus on Long Term Value the answer to the perceived trade-off between financial return and a firm’s ESG impact?’
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