‘As we emerge from lockdown, is the plan we had still relevant? Or is something else needed?’

Over the last 18 months businesses across many industries have proved that they are able to operate successfully with their employees working remotely, how this will impact longer term business plans is less clear. There are a range of considerations for leaders planning their approach to the working environment within their organisations; creative environments, access to talent, employee wellbeing, the technologies available, operating costs, generational differences, and approaches to sustainability all need to be balanced to find the operating model that works for specific businesses. What is clear is that what works for some businesses and industries will not work for others.

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This paper has been produced following a round table discussion attended by representatives from industry, accounting firms, accounting bodies and financial journals and is primarily focused on the UK market.

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Luke de Klerk
Managing Consultant
Part of the team since 2014 and has pretty much worked in every area of the business. Outside the office, he's interested in just about every sport there is.
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