Streamline & simplify your Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Are you ready to ditch those complex spreadsheets and time consuming, manual planning processes?

Streamline your planning processes, get greater buy-in to the plan, and stress-test assumptions, & scenarios to ensure your plans are robust and world-beating.

Use Cases

Financial budgeting & forecasting

Look and feel IS important!

Wow your leadership team with an on-brand look-and-feel and achieve the best layout for your data. Fully customize all aspects of the report including layouts, styling, table, and data formatting.

Scenario modeling & sensitivity analysis

Guided navigation that helps users navigate within two clicks to go through summary results in more detail. This can be to explore performance across different business dimensions.

Long range planning

Our extensive library of charts and visualizations, many created in-house leveraging our deep expertise in financial and performance management, help you gain insights that would otherwise be lost.

Cash flow modeling

Numbers don't lie. Make sure the numbers tell their story louder than any other meeting goers.
Remove the noise, and show only the most important information.

Strategic planning

Add insights to data!

We provide a powerful way to augment analyses with explanations, narrations, and annotations.

Driver-based planning

Bulk publishing completely automates the creation of board packs, turning what has typically been days of manual work, into a fully automated process.


See it in action

Modeling Engine

Flexible & Powerful

A flexible data model that's quick to maintain and adapt to changes in the business.

Powerful calculations configured and controlled in a central location; users can change drivers and see the impact of their changes in real-time.

Easily model business structure changes and alternative hierarchies.

Integrated Reporting

A rare combination.
Advanced reporting & powerful planning in the same tool

An extensive library of rich visualizations help you better understand the shape and contours of the plan.

Immediately see the plan in your highly formatted management report format - with all necessary KPIs, adjustments, rounding, etc. - with variances to actuals and prior plans.


Driver-assist for the busy executive

We won't drive the car for you but we'll map out the upcoming peaks and troughs of performance. We'll unpick the underlying and evolving trend from seasonality from what's just the noise of the market. Your route will be updated continuously not just in a rushed quarterly update and, if you're in danger of missing your plan, we'll alert you so you can take early action.

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Planning Workflows

Collaborate, control & streamline

Streamline planning workflows with threaded discussions, submits, approvals and data actions.

Commentary and attachments: save the story behind plans, share guidance and supporting detailed data; keep this on record and review next year when you begin tracking variances.

FP&A teams can track completion and maintain momentum as per their planning calendar.

We're the experts with a proven approach

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