Performance Management for the whole business

Connect financial and operational drivers

Link market and operational drivers with financial outcomes in a consistent model of performance used throughout the business.

Define KPIs and build logic for metrics and data aggregations with our powerful modeling engine for a single source for clarity.


Reporting with commentary

Develop visual, guided analysis that can be tailored for business or board level user self-service, whilst being based on a performance model and data governance owned by central finance.

Attain advanced visualizations designed for delivering insight to business leaders and annotate with commentary and context.

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Financial Intelligence

Built-in finance intelligence

Designed by Finance people, for Finance people and business leaders. We understand the complexities that you deal with and have baked-in solutions:

  • Built-in Time Intelligence with understanding of Flows and Stock balances
  • Comparative accounting period analysis
  • Data analysis across alternate hierarchies
  • Multiple Scenarios with flexible comparison
  • Weighting factors to show good and bad variances in the correct way
  • Out of the box-finance visualizations such as waterfall charts

And so much more.


Automate and publish

Configure workflows to automate cross-business reporting processes and data updates from source systems.

Publish analysis to users in interactive web dashboards, or distribute reports using our Bulk publish capability to automate completely the creation of management packs, turning what has typically been days of manual work into a fully-automated process.

Office Add-ins for PowerPoint and Excel help you get your data into Presentations and Spreadsheets, most commonly used for Reporting and ad hoc data analysis.

We're the experts with a proven approach

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