Plan, Model, AnalyZe, Report

Product overview

Our integrated product for financial planning, analysis, and reporting is powerful, flexible, and infinitely customizable.

Stop relying on office productivity tools and dated, clunky software for your business-critical finance processes.

"Traditional FP&A solutions don't cut the mustard!!"

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Dashboard & reports

Provide your executives and business leaders the insights they need to understand performance, spot signals, react to change, and drive growth.

Data into insights


Powerful visualizations help you hone in on the information needed to understand performance and act quickly.

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Agile, efficient & collaborative planning

Streamline your planning processes, get greater buy-in and stress-test assumptions & scenarios to ensure your plans are robust.

Robust planning

Business modeling

One single version to enable synchronous planning, modeling, analyzing, and reporting.

Owned by Finance and easily adapted to business model changes, based on a robust multi-dimensional model of the business, linking sales and operational drivers with financial outcomes.

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Data Integration

Automate manual data integration processes and wave goodbye to error-prone spreadsheet formulae to do your data-wrangling.

Integrate data from diverse and disparate sources with direct data connectors for all major ERPs.

Automate it

Augmented Intelligence

Targeted use of algorithms helps decision-makers minimize the noise present in day-to-day business performance and human judgement, giving them unbiased forecasts to make decisions with clarity.

Minimize the noise

Built for Enterprise

Built without compromise to meet the needs of the world's most demanding organizations.

Simple integration with your existing estate. Secure - so you can trust that your data is in good hands.

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