Augmented intelligence

Turn down that noise!

Targeted use of algorithms helps decision-makers minimize the noise present in day-to-day business performance and human judgement, giving them unbiased forecasts to make decisions with clarity.

Popular capabilities

Statistical techniques

Have you picked the low-hanging fruit of analysis yet?

Statistical techniques can deliver masses of insight without having to reach for complex machine learning. Break down your monthly sales numbers - or any time series - into an accurate visual of trend and seasonality, at the click of a button.

Regression analysis

Don't assume - find the true drivers of performance

Like the regression analysis you learned at school, but now supercharged to handle multiple dimensions or features. If you have the data, we can find the relationships between the features and the  downstream outcomes.

Maching learning

Deploy the big guns of analytics when you need to

Covering a wide range of techniques, we use machine learning in our apps where its benefits outweigh the added complexity over statistical and linear regression approaches.

Customer lifecycle

Anticipate your customers' next steps

Using enhanced transition matrices, we interpret small signals in the data to identify what customers are likely to do next: spend more, leave, or another status change that's meaningful to you.

Margin analysis

Take pre-emptive action on margin

Build on customer lifecycle analysis to predict your business performance by customer cohort, product, etc. Identify which distribution channels to prioritize and which to exit.

Sales forecasting

Augment your sales experts' judgement

Put their forecasts through our learning algorithms which flex and adjust to changing market conditions. Learn - and automatically compensate for - the varying styles of different sales teams in scoring probability-to-close.


Democratise access to data and insights

Data is powerful and should be accessible to those who need it. It drives performance and influences strategic selling, while also guiding teams on where they should focus their efforts.


How to turn the noise into a symphony

More data doesn't necessarily lead to better decisions. We can help you turn the increasing barrage of data, and the inconsistencies of human judgement, into high-quality information and knowledge.