Our Story

The Metapraxis philosophy is one of client enablement and empowerment. It is born of our founder, the late Robert Bittlestone, who is arguably the 'father of FP&A as a business discipline' who dedicated his professional career to unlocking the hidden code in business finance data that enables leaders to shift their focus from historical performance and incremental improvement to the future and step change.


early 1970s

In the 1970s, Robert Bittlestone, the visionary founder of Metapraxis, embarked on a transformative journey that would reshape the landscape of business planning and analysis. It all began with a simple yet profound observation during his time at Vickers, where he was tasked with preparing data for the board and observed the highly manual process of papering walls with numbers and charts. Inspired by the inefficiencies of this method, Robert envisioned a digital alternative that could streamline the process and provide business leaders with timely and accurate insights.

1, February 1979

Driven by this vision, Robert founded Metapraxis, laying the groundwork for what would become a pioneering force in the field of business planning and analysis. The early years were marked by innovation as Robert and his team developed cutting-edge solutions to automate data preparation and analysis. One such innovation was the introduction of big rear-projection screens, a breakthrough technology that revolutionised the way data was presented and analysed in boardrooms.

1987 Metapraxis Resolve

Driven by the vision to elevate the boardroom into the"control centre" of companies, his innovation of screen projection, lay the foundation for Metapraxis Resolve (the precursor to Metapraxis Empower). Metapraxis Resolve quickly gained traction in the market, earning recognition for its ability to deliver timely and accurate information to drive strategic and operational performance.

1993 EKS & Empower

He envisioned "EKS," an Enterprise Knowledge Server - a singular source of truth and analytical engine superimposed on business data. This groundbreaking journey culminated in the evolution of Empower.

Robert’s passion was driven by a commitment to empower businesses with the foresight and visibility they yearned for but couldn't attain. His goal was always centred around putting the customer first.

Our software today

Cracking the Hidden Code

In 2010, Robert published "Financial Management for Business: Cracking the Hidden Code," a transformative book that merges Luca Pacioli's historic research with modern financial management principles, introduces a groundbreaking step-by-step model that revolutionizes comprehension of financial management.

Through internet-based simulations, readers gain insight into how cash flows within a business, breathing life into concepts such as profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheets. Moreover, it delves into the impacts of decisions like pricing and advertising on the bottom line and unravels the mysteries behind financial disasters like the 2008 international banking crisis.


Empower today

Today, Metapraxis continues to push the boundaries of innovation with the launch of Empower20:20 and Empower360, a comprehensive suite of business planning and analysis tools designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. From financial forecasting to scenario planning, Empower offers a wide range of capabilities to help businesses navigate complex challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Product overview

Staying true to our roots

Despite the evolution of technology and the changing landscape of business, Metapraxis remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering tailored solutions with a deep care for its customers. Our philosophy is rooted in authenticity, and our dedication to empowering business leaders with forward-looking insight remains unwavering. As pioneers in business planning and analysis software, we are proud to continue Robert Bittlestone's legacy of innovation and excellence.

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