Business Modeling & Calculations

Powerful and flexible modeling with built-in finance intelligence

One single version of the truth that enables continuous planning, modeling, analysis, and reporting, linking sales and operational drivers with financial outcomes.

Applications can easily be adapted to changes in the business model and can be owned and managed by finance.

Powered by our proprietary multi-dimensional in-memory modeling and calculation engine, this serves as the backbone of our Planning & Analysis use case products.

Turn data into insights

Business hierarchies

Dimensions, Hierarchies, and Levels

Support for business dimensions (e.g. country, product group, customer segment, business unit, legal entity, etc.). Calculated items can be defined to aggregate data to support more advanced metrics.

Alternative hierarchies

Easily see data grouped in different ways

An unlimited number of structures can be defined across each dimension, easy to set-up and change through the drag-and-drop user interface. Alternative hierarchies are used to see data grouped in a variety of different ways.

Business-friendly formulas

Calculations made easy!

Create new KPIs and other calculated results with a vast collection of business-friendly formulas. This includes typical math functions, financial functions, and even statistical functions for forecasting future results, correlations, and much more.

Time intelligence

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else. ~ Peter Drucker

Time and time transformations are built-in constructs. This enables a raft of advanced functionality such as time-based calculations, year-to-date moving totals, growth on last year, etc.


Built-in currency dimension

Support for local currencies with translation to multiple reporting currencies.


Scenario planning and War-gaming

Perceive risks and opportunities more broadly and imagine potential futures. Easily add scenarios and compare with any other scenario (actuals, budget and forecast, etc.) Calculation frameworks enable different logic for different scenarios.

Finance focus

Built for Finance

We know finance like the back of our hand. We also understand the subtle things that are so important to the Finance team.

We've built in the most common modeling constructs so you don't have to:

  • Currency (e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, etc.)
  • Indicators (e.g. chart  of accounts, KPIs, etc.)
  • Scenarios (actuals, budgets, forecasts)
  • Time (e.g. Jan-21, Feb-21, Q1, Q2)
  • Time summaries (e.g. year-to-date, moving totals, growth on last year, etc.)
Dimensions, Attributes, Structures

Business dimensions with flexible hierarchies

Support for business dimensions (e.g. country, product group, customer segment, business unit, legal entity). Each dimension can have a set of attributes to extend the information stored for each element of a dimension.

Attribute-based analysis is an extension to the multi-dimensional analysis that enables dashboards to drill from the aggregated view of data, (e.g. people counts from the HR system, sales opportunity volumes.) to a filterable, detailed list view of the lowest level data for in-depth analysis. This can also be displayed in the charts. On-the-fly calculations are run based on user requests.

In Memory Calculation Engine

Fast, flexible and powerful calculation engine

Our proprietary, multi-dimensional, in-memory modeling, and calculation engine serves as the backbone for our Planning and Analysis use case products.