“The time frame for focus on ESG has collapsed. The need is in the here and now.” Ian Coleman – Chairman, Vixcroft

It is not just in the prioritisation of ESG that we have seen change. The tide has turned over the past 30 years in dramatic fashion when it comes to financial results as well. Funds aligned with ESG goals have consistently outperformed competitors. Many members of the group recall when the terms environmental impact and sustainability were considered the enemy of established performance metrics. However, ESG is now a must-have in any investment or business to ensure long-term success and financial sustainability, which is relevant now more than ever. Read the full whitepaper from our latest Financial Focus discussion below:


This paper has been produced following a roundtable discussion attended by representatives from industry, accounting firms, accounting bodies and financial journals and is primarily focused on the UK market.

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Simon Carey
Senior Consultant
Simon has been with Metapraxis since 2016, with half of that in the US office, spending most of his time working with clients to solve planning and forecasting challenges. In his spare time, you'll often find Simon hiking National Parks with his camera.