45 years of disruptive innovation - unlocking the hidden code in business data

Decades of best practices have demonstrated that our unique skills-lead, software-enabled service approach, which involves partnering with our clients to unlock the hidden code within their data, generates insightful and future-facing information necessary for effective decision-making. This skills extension approach is the ultimate support for ambitious, forward-looking businesses.

Years of experience with the ultimate software is a winning combination.

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disruptive thinking to create CLARITY fROM COMPLEXITY
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What sets us apart

Our people

Successful business analysis and planning requires a diverse skill set. Our trained team of business analysts, business economists, and accountants, are specialists in finding and unlocking the hidden code in business data.

Original pioneers

The original and still the best  business analytics practice,   founded 45 years ago by visionary Robert Bittlestone, also known as the “father of FP&A”,  and the first business economist to “unlock the hidden code in business data”.

One TRUE source of truth

By centralising the import of data from a multitude of ERP & accounting systems and planning spreadsheets, Empower software provides consolidated views and real-time reporting.

15-day Implementation

Crafted to seamless integrate into your existing workflow. Unlike typical enterprise solutions, it doesn't demand a shift in your working methods. Instead, it optimises your processes, empowering you to work smarter, not harder.

Why companies love Metapraxis

Built for CFOs

Drive business performance

Link market and operational drivers with financial outcomes in a consistent model of performance used throughout the business.

Faster time to insight, robust plans, and real-time scenarios lead to better, faster decision-making and a trusted "single version of the truth".

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Built for Corporate Controllers

Deliver faster time to business insight

Automate the financial reporting and commentary process from end-to-end. No more error-prone data consolidation, Excel-based report production, and manual email distribution.

Actuals are linked automatically to plans and forecasts, which can be annotated with commentary and context. Share management insights with online interactive dashboards and reports, or easily automate bulk publishing of report books.

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Built for FP&A

A rare combination - powerful planning and advanced reporting in the same tool

Streamline your planning processes, get greater buy-in to the plan and stress-test assumptions & scenarios to ensure they are robust.

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Built for Finance Analysts

Now you can focus on telling the story

Save time and stress of manual spreadsheet wrangling. Instead focus on gaining insight and telling the story.

An extensive library of visualizations and advanced interactive dashboards for analysts and data professionals to curate the information needed to understand performance and drive action.

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Built for Business Leaders

Interactive, efficient, and agile

Business leaders get direct access to the insights they need to understand performance, spot signals, react to change, and drive growth.

Accelerate decision-making with interactive features that provide additional insight, so you can get answers in the new digital boardroom, change plans and run scenarios in real time.

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Built for IT

Unleash Finance teams to self-serve with confidence and trust

Empower your Finance teams to own the applications to avoid bottlenecks and over-reliance on central IT.

Empower has been built without compromise to meet the needs of the most demanding organizations.

Simple integration with your existing estate, on-premise or cloud.

Secure - so you can trust that your data is in good hands.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 on G2 reviews
Quality of Service
Ease of Use

Nov 04, 2022

"Extremely user-friendly finance reporting application for media businesses"

Dashboards are user friendly, with easily to follow analysis which allows you to drill down easily to find variances within the P&L, Plan v Actuals etc. Great for people who love visuals and for those who just want easy to read tables!

Verified user in Media

Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Oct 05, 2022

“Metapraxis has a great platform and great expertise to go with it”

It’s transformed our planning processes away from labour-intensive and error-prone spreadsheets. We've moved to an automated process with greater controls spending more time delivering value, rather than battling with manual processes.

Verified User in Financial Services

Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Aug 04, 2022

“Innovative Platform and Expert Staff”

Its technology platform & implementation team streamlined our close reporting and annual plan processes. Shifting our team's focus from mostly excel model building, to data analysis enables quicker and better business decisions.

Verified User in Biotech

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

Metapraxis continues to build upon the groundbreaking legacy of our founder, Robert Bittlestone, the renowned 'father of FP&A' and the first to unlock the hidden code in business data.

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