Enabling financial risk forecasts and future scenarios

Delivering real-time global visibility of the business and its performance.
An innovative management reporting solution provides business decision-makers global access to vital information instantly.


operating markets


business units


multi-dimensional model of the business
It provides a bespoke, in-house view of the business, supported by an incredible team with in-depth knowledge of the finance model and operations.

The impact

Enables better decision-making: Powerful tool supporting focus on top-level KPI’s. We increased focus on analysis and dialogue by creating flexible reports to answer specific key questions.  

Improved cross-company collaboration: Quick and easy to compare actuals with budget and prior year, to change period, company, etc., and to switch between Group and Local currency – a great help to the internal dialogue.

Improved stakeholder confidence and buy-in: Pedagogic Du Pont analyses explains and visualizes the financial relationships.

Future scenarios / trends, based on historical data, is fundamental in supporting the management forecasts.

About Indutrade

The Indutrade Flowtechnology, the largest business area within the Indutrade Group, is selling high tech products and solutions through their 60 subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

The subsidiaries are governed through their boards, where we developed their board reports with focus on the sales and market development, forecast risks and future scenarios together with other important financial key indicators.

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