Empowering our clients and partners is central to our business and we are always looking for new ways to support and inspire our expert users to get the most value from their Empower applications.

Our ambition for the Empowered Community is to provide an online hub that facilitates and promotes knowledge share and discussion and accelerates the learning curve for these experts -“Empower Architects”.

The community will provide real time access to the information and support required to continuously upskill, problem solve and innovate while building and managing Empower applications.

To shape the Empowered community, we have collaborated with a number of our clients and partners on content and support requirements and look forward to extending this out to more of our Architects over the coming months and evolving the platform together.

The Launch

The Empowered community launches today to a pilot group of users from Metapraxis and our client and partners. This pilot phase is designed to capture feedback on both the community and the content provided via the platform and to inform our community roadmap.

Our mission is simple, we want to

“Empower our growing community of architects with learning, collaboration and innovation to create industry-leading finance applications.”

Following this pilot period, we aim to expand our community out to all Empower Architect users from July 2021.

What’s in our community

This will evolve over time, but for our launch we have focused on the learning and support interventions that have been highlighted as priorities in collaboration with our pilot users, these include:

  • Empowered Forum: Our collaborative environment for users to ask questions and start discussions to get input from other expert users within the community
  • How-to videos & step by step guides: Access to video walkthroughs and support documentation on specific highly requested configuration tasks across a range of different features in Empower
  • Tips and tricks & best practice guides: Ideas and inspiration (and some sneaky short cuts) from our in-house Empower experts to help speed up application configuration and optimise both the Architect and end-user experience

What’s next?

Ultimately, the evolving shape of the Empowered community will be co-driven by its members, their needs & perspectives. We’ll be asking for feedback to ensure we deliver real value to our Architects with this platform and deliver on our mission. Collaboration will remain at the heart of our community and following the launch we will be actively engaging with our community members to participate, share information & challenges, and let us know what works where they can.

Visit the Community

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Principal Consultant
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