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March 30, 2023

Metapraxis recognized as G2 High Performer

Metapraxis ranked as a High Performer in Winter 2023 G2 Grid Reports for CPM

G2 Grid® for Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

We are pleased to announce that Metapraxis has been recognized as a “High Performer” in G2’s (business software and services review platform) Corporate Performance Management Software Winter Report for 2023.

G2 recognizes the best-performing solutions in a given industry every quarter based on customer happiness and market penetration. According to the G2 High Performer Report, Metapraxis is a top-rated CPM software helping large companies manage the strategies they use to monitor the performance of their business activities.

Out of 193 CPM providers, Metapraxis ranked:

#1 for Meets Requirements
#2 for Likelihood to Recommend
#13 for Ease of Use
#14 for Quality of Support
#19 for User Satisfaction
#32 for Market Presence

Placing Metapraxis in the top 10% of CPM providers for factors relating to experience - Ease of use, Quality of Support and User satisfaction.

About G2

G2 is the world’s largest technology marketplace, where companies can discover, evaluate, review, and manage the technology they need to succeed. G2 bases its reports on high levels of customer satisfaction, the chance of end-users recommendations, and other factors.

Founded in 2012, is now visited by over 3 million people who read and provide genuine reviews about thousands of software items and professional services. Over 1,000,000 reviews have been submitted, and over 4 million visitors have aided millions of businesses in making better purchasing decisions – and realizing their full potential.

G2 Methodology

When selecting organizations for its report, G2 follows a certain methodology. For example, products must have gotten at least 10 customer reviews. These products are then categorized into four groups based on customer satisfaction and market presence: Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and niches. G2 then provides unbiased ratings on the basis of user satisfaction, features, and prices of the products.

What do Metapraxis say about Metapraxis?

Metapraxis has a number of 5 star reviews, our overall ranking is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Here are a couple of our top reviews:

Innovative platform and expert staff
“The application itself transformed the way our team operates - getting out of manual spreadsheet modeling to more focused analysis as enabled by streamlined workflows.
Most impressive is the partnership offered by the consultant team - they are extremely responsive with well-thought-out solutions to any challenge that you may encounter.
MPX & Empower has been an impactful way to bridge our team's focus from non-value add work to more partnership and forward-looking analysis. Its technology platform & implementation team streamlined our close reporting and annual plan processes. Shifting our team's focus from mostly excel model building, to data analysis enables quicker and better business decisions.”
Metapraxis Empower tool is very capable and greatly increases automation!
“Metapraxis has been a key partner for our reporting solutions in accounting. Their team is very experienced and always ready to help. Their powerful Empower software has taken our reporting capabilities to the next level. Metapraxis Empower software has solved the last leg of our accounting reporting needs. We have benefitted from a much more efficient and reliable process where we can see the big picture as we are closing the books."

If you wish to read more of our reviews, here is our G2 profile.

Also, we would really appreciate our customers to share their feedback and reviews on G2 about their experience with Metapraxis.

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Metapraxis recognized as G2 High Performer
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